We Will Buy Your Home for Cash in Florida

Harvey Greenwood is Florida-based home buyer who has helped myriad of individuals put tons of cash in their in 48 hours or less.

So, does this system works?

The customer just needs to fill the form present on the company’s website. This form requires very basic information like full name, email, phone, along with the details of the project.

Next, Harvey will give you a call to discuss your property in detail. He will ask some questions related to the property to get better understanding. It is followed by visiting your home personally. This involves evaluation and making an offer. If the client likes the deal, a closing dating is decided. The customers need not worry about documentation, too, as it will be handled by Harvey.

Let’s now have a look at the advantages of this concept:

  • You need not wait for the buyers who are buying a home in Florida
  • Harvey closes the deal in the range of seven to ten days.
  • The real estate agent fee, which is around 10-12 percent, can be saved.
  • You save yourself from the repair work of the home. Even the staging is not needed, as Harvey purchases in as-is condition.
  • There are no obligations. You are free to quite the deal if you don’t like the offer.
  • And yeah, you get the Top Dollar for your home.

Due to all these perks, more and more sellers prefer connecting with Harvey. Read more about this approach or fill the online form through this link.


Extremely Simple Home Staging Tips

If you ask any real estate agent: How to sell my house quickly for a good price, he/she will tell you to focus on home staging.

Home staging can be expensive and frustrating, especially if you have to do it on your own. There are some agents who will offer free consultation. But, if they are not offering such service, you can follow these staging tips:

Buy white towels

Yes, staging is that simple and inexpensive if done wisely. Put only white towels in the bathroom. This is because colored towels add heaviness and dinginess to your bathroom. Conversely, white towels give a fresh and clean look.

Change the rugs

You need not change the complete flooring of your home. Though repairing of wood flooring can be good idea. If we talk about rugs, choose the ones that fit your furniture and room. Don’t choose extremely small rug for your living room. An optimum-sized rug makes your room looks larger.

Remove your photographs

Even your real estate will advise you to de-personalize your home. Remove your photographs, mementos, kids’ toys, and clutter. This ensures that the potential buyers are able to imagine themselves living in the home.

Go for deep cleaning

Perhaps you have already thought about cleaning your home. But, regular cleaning is not the best option. You need to go for deep cleaning of each room. Also, put some extra time in cleaning your bathroom, as dirty ones are a big-off.

These are one of the most economical ways to stage your home and that too without investing too much time.

Let us tell you a secret. You need not follow even the staging tips we have discussed above. Just connect with Harvey Greenwood, who purchases home for cash. This is indeed the quickest way to sell house. Learn more about this home selling concept from here.